ChumsungDae which has been an observation balloon begin to light oneself.


Rebirth _ In this exhibition, pick a star at the Cheonggye creek, best existing observation balloon in the East, Chunsungdae (31st national treasure reincarnates as a new life with the waste headlights whose number is the same as the age of Chumsungdae.

Newly reincarnated Chumsungdae commemorate historical meaning of the Cheonggye creek’s rebirth which is symbol of environmental restoration. Chumsungdae in the Cheonggye creek is also make people review social, historical and ecological surrounding in this era, and circumstance and life in the future at the same time.

And Rebirth _ Chumsungdae become a place to enlighten people about importance of circumstance and life with value of life and thought of art as an rebirth mounment.


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